What do students discover when they choose a side job?

First successes and difficulties. What do students discover when they choose a side job?

The determination of the young people is very noticeable these days. Despite the hard study at the university and extensive subjects create many students, after the lectures to work a few hours. Sometimes this initial work experience is too exhausting, although many students are determined.

Therefore, they either have to stop working or studying, most likely at work. But the successful examples of working students are no exception. So what about the life of a student who easily manages to prepare for the exams, teach English and attend the last movie premieres with friends?

Every beginning is hard

Katharine is in the 3rd year of studies and is studying law. Since the first year of her studies she has tried various occupational fields: waitress, manager in a clothes shop and now English teacher. She has gained a lot of experience and has also demonstrated pretty good performance at the university.

Katharine comes from a wealthy family that has no shortage of money. Apart from that, like most students, she just wanted to become more independent. The set goal has been strengthened by the desire to feel certain financial independence. She found a solution in a side job. Although her parents were rather skeptical, they let the daughter decide for herself.

Katherine has considered all the pros and cons and made a compromise with her parents: she starts her work during the holidays so as not to overstrain herself. Later, Katherine admitted that was really a right decision.

Compatibility of study and part-time job

Katherine joined the professional world as a waitress. But she did not stay long at the first job. In the 2nd semester, the student applied for a job in a clothing store. At first, it was quite complicated to reconcile the part-time job and the study. Gradually she did it. The right time management came very well. “I became disciplined and independent.

My daily routine is always well organized and thoughtful. “- said Katherine. Later, she started working as an English teacher. In Katherine’s opinion, this part-time job is not very time-consuming, but you can still earn enough money and perfect your own skills.

Now Katherine intends to focus more on subject-related work to gain practical skills in the field of law and higher career opportunities after graduation. Not all students are able to work with the program, but they do not have to. The main thesis remains the same: there is nothing impossible and on request you can achieve all goals.