Tips for students

You also have to learn to build relationships

Human qualities are always highly valued, especially communication skills and social skills. They promote success in life and create the favorable conditions to achieve the set goals. At the university you have to realize immediately: Student life depends to a large extent on how to make contact with new people. Relations with fellow students are just as important as with teachers. Some people disagree with this and prefer not to approach new people.

The beginning of the study means more or less stress. Creating new contacts can sometimes be more challenging than demonstrating good academic performance. Some students, especially those who are not sociable, refrain from actively participating in university life and tend to distance themselves from it. By such a behavior but you could lose a lot. Why should one maintain good contacts with fellow students as well as professors? The question remains relevant.

Too much flattery is left

Those who are crazy after graduation want to become a nerd at all costs. For this reason, they immediately try to establish contact with professors by always asking many questions, demonstrating their exaggerated commitment and presenting themselves as “all-rounders”. In principle, it is not bad, if one strives for knowledge and wants to create a positive impression.

But the important thing is the way you choose to achieve the goal. The determination and friendliness can turn into an obtrusiveness, which neither professors nor students like. But that does not mean that you should not seek access to teachers, quite the opposite. Mutual respect and careful study are usually sufficient to build good relationships in university society.

Hold the golden mean

Other students focus their energy exclusively on their fellow students and want to make friends with everyone. Organize a party, go on a trip or miss a lecture, they are always for any activity. The main thing: all together! But that does not look so good either.

By doing so, you destroy all chances of being friends with someone and even risking being persona non grata. The excessive kindness can play with you loose prank. Therefore, you should first understand if you have sympathy for you and then gradually come into contact.

The genius is always simple: you always have to keep the golden mean, no matter if it’s about studying or human relationships. Even if a person is open-minded, you must take note of the peculiarities of other people’s character and remain tolerant.