Student types that recognize everyone

At university we get to know very different people. Depending on the behavior, character traits and attitude to study, we ascribe our fellow students to a specific group. In this article, you will learn about the student types we most often encounter. Maybe you recognize yourself meanwhile?

Learning Freak

These students are always present and finished with all their homework. You never miss a lecture, even if it is extremely boring and unnecessary. Learning freaks always have something to ask, and they inspire the professors and irritate their fellow students.

All the essays, lectures and homework are done in advance and good services, or better the best services, seem to be the main goal for them. The “wandering Wikipedia” finds an answer to every question of the professors. But when the learning freaks get defeated, they feel the failure as the end of the world.


The students of this type are lazy and not responsible, but quite calm and harmless. A loafer takes the study with equanimity and does not value the services. No homework and no punctuality – that’s a rule. He feels no performance or time pressure, so his pace of life reminds the songs of Bob Marley, very relaxed and relaxed. Very often, the loafer has no idea which subjects he has and when he has to take an exam. Any mention of a coming party still awakens its sleepy nature.

Party Lover

There is no doubt that there is at least one student who is always in the mood for a party, no matter Friday or Monday, the evening before the exam or at the weekend. Of course, the passionate party lover has no interest in studying and always moves others to a party. The so-called Feierw├╝tige perceives study times as eternal holidays. Even if such a student comes to a lecture, his main goal is to tell about his night adventures. He has not heard anything about homework and textbooks.


Can not remember the name if that person is absent? Then there is talk of a nondescript. You can not get to know an inconspicuous person until the 6th semester because he is too passive and does not make friends. The inconspicuous does not report in a seminar or a group trip. This type of student usually does not show great performances, but he is very calm and obedient compared to a party lover. Hobbies, interest, favors and antipathy of a nondescript always stay behind the scenes. Simply an introverted guy!


What happens in the university, in the dorm or even in the whole world, she is always in the picture. This is a lab bag! You just asked in which room you have to do your housework, but after 5 minutes you already know why Paula and Markus have separated and where to find the highest discounts.

Why do you need this information? It does not matter to a liver bag, it just has to have contact with the outside world. Particularly irritating is this “Chatterbox” when trying to concentrate before the exam.